Restore Respect for Police

They take an oath To Protect and Serve, but who protects the servants? 

Over the past four years, National Police Support Fund has proven time and again that average American citizens stand with our nation’s Law Enforcement Officers. Hundreds of thousands of patriots have signed our petition to restore respect to this time-honored vocation. Yet, in city halls and council chambers across the country, politicians strip officers of their rights and protections and degrade their ability to keep their communities safe.

Politicians take every opportunity to use law enforcement officers as pawns in their petty political games, callously and knowingly putting their lives on the line for a few percentage points in the polls.

War on Police in Chicago

Nowhere in America is this more evident than the once-great city of Chicago. Democrat “leaders” Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County DA Kim Foxx are on the front lines of the war on police. Their broken policies and inflated budgets are destroying their police departments from within, and now the plague of disrespect threatens to infect surrounding communities as well.

National Police Support Fund’s rallying cry is “Restore Respect to Police”, but what do we mean by “respect”? Respect means not only showing deference to those who put their lives on the line each and every day, but also ensuring that they have the tools, equipment, and training necessary to complete their tasks. What is more disrespectful than expecting an civil servant to lay down their lives for their communities while refusing to properly equip them, train them, or even shield them from legal prosecution in the line of duty?

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